Valentine Cleaning Tips From Prescott Maid To Order

February brings Valentine’s Day, so Prescott Maid to Order would like to take a look and some of the special cleaning tasks you might encounter along with this special day.

  • Baking – You may be baking for your children and their classmates, your single lady friends or your one true love, but sticky pans are sticky pans, no matter who will be receiving the goodies.  To help out, clean as you cook.  Fill the sink with soapy water so your pans and utensils and bowls are soaking.  They will be much easier to clean when you’re done baking.

If you’re planning a special dinner for you and your loved one, the morning after may have some special cleaning surprises.  Here are some tips to handle them.

  • Candle Wax – you can use an orange oil essence cleaner, hot steam, or a putty knife made of plastic to remove the wax
  • Wine stains – Use a little seltzer water and some stain remover.
  • Chocolate stains – These usually respond well to cold water.  If this doesn’t work, you can use a bleach stick for whites and a strong stain remover for colored clothes.
  • Red Everywhere – If everyone decided to wear red to celebrate the day, make sure you wash them all together with cold water!
  • Lipstick on the Shirt Collar – Oh, my!! Try watered down dish washing detergent which usually works very well.  If it does not rub out, you can use a stain remover according to the instructions on the bottle.

And maybe, your Valentine will give you that special gift of a clean house with a Gift Certificate from Prescott Maid to Order. With our busy schedules, a gift on time is always appreciated, so let us do the house cleaning while you focus on the more important things. To purchase a gift certificate, just give Prescott Maid to Order a call at 928-899-8518. To learn more about the services we can offer, please visit our website at

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