Do You Own a Vacation Rental In the Quad Cities Area? Prescott Maid to Order is proud to offer Customized Vacation Rental Cleaning. We understand that your vacation home rental is your business and appearance is vital to your success.

We are experienced in vacation home rental cleanings and can provide you with the highest quality and efficient service. We offer the ability to customize your cleaning service to fit your property’s needs at an affordable rate.

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What We Do

  • Wiping down frequently touched areas (Light switches, door handles, etc.)
  • Dust and polish all furniture
  • Vacuum & straighten sofa cushions
  • Clean mirrors
  • Dust window sills & blinds
  • Sweep, mop & vacuum all flooring
  • Empty all waste baskets & replace liners
  • Check for personal items left behind
  • Check for anything missing or broken items
  • All surfaces cleaned and sanitized (top and front)
  • Microwave cleaned inside & out
  • Empty dishwasher & put dishes away
  • Empty refrigerator of all perishable foods, wipe down
  • Shelves dusted as needed
  • Cabinets wiped & spot cleaned
  • All surfaces cleaned, scrubbed & sanitized
  • Mirrors cleaned
  • Cabinets wiped & spot cleaned
  • Change linens & make up beds
  • Dust all hard surfaces
  • Wipe down patio furniture
  • Empty all waste baskets & replace liners
  • All linens (including towels) washed, dried & put away
  • For homes without onsite washer/dryer laundry is taken to a professional laundry service


Homes without onsite washer/dryer:

  • Dirty Laundry will be removed from property, delivered to professional launderer & returned to property on the next visit
  • Price for laundry varies – depending on weight of laundry plus the number of comforters
  • A handling fee of $20.00 will be added to each trip

Homes with onsite washer/dryer:

  • Cleaners will attempt to wash all dirty laundry within the allotted time, however any laundry that is not able to be cleaned within that time will be removed from the property, delivered to professional launderer & returned to property on the next visit
  • Depending on the amount of laundry that must be cleaned, a handling fee of $20.00 will be added to each trip

Prior to first cleaning, all linens & towels in closets must be clean. Cleaners will not be able to decipher if folded linens and towels have been previously laundered; any linens or terrycloth towels that have not been previously laundered by cleaners at your home or taken to laundromat by our staff cannot be guaranteed.

All Comforters have to be taken into laundromat (please specify how often you would like them laundered).

If possible we will schedule cleaning the day before trash pickup so the cleaners can leave the trash bin on the curb. For an additional charge our inspector will come back the next day to bring the trash bin back in. Additional fees will be incurred for the following: holiday, last minute bookings and weekend cleanings.

We will also notify you of the condition in which the property was left and any damages that your renter may have left behind, so that you can efficiently process your rental deposits.

So eliminate the worry of keeping your rental home ready for new guests. We provide efficient, quality cleaning services so you can always be assured that your premises are properly cleaned.

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