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The Prescott area is a favorite destination for people from all over the country. Our local shops, multi-day events, and the World’s Oldest Rodeo is held here every year during the July Independence Day holiday draws tens of thousands of people annually. Our mild weather also brings people from the hot deserts during the summer, and during the winter we see our fair share of the snowbirds, Prescott has many people looking for vacation rentals. A vacation rental, whether a weekend rental or rented months at a time, needs to be cleaned once the property is vacant again. Prescott Maid to Order is here to help!

What is involved with a vacation rental cleaning?

During the time that your guests occupied the property, they slept in the beds, used the restrooms, cooked food, and hopefully enjoyed the backyard and other living areas of the home. Each of these sections of the home must be cleaned.

Washing all the linens and making the beds
Washing and folding all the hand towels and bath sheets
Washing the dishes, drying, and arranging the kitchen
Cleaning the appliances (stove, oven, microwave, and refrigerator)
Every surface needs to be wiped down and disinfected, mirrors/windows cleaned, and cobwebs removed.
Floor care is important as well. Tile floors, carpet, and any stains need to be removed.
Many times, rental owners offer additional amenities, these need to be replaced and refilled (basic items like toilet paper is a given).

Vacation rental cleaning is important

Keeping your vacation rental looking spic and span is important. Ensuring that it looks pristine before your guests arrive will help them enjoy their stay. Providing an enjoyable experience will lead to better online reviews and more reservations.

Lack of regular cleaning can make your vacation rental susceptible to accumulating dust or even developing a foul smell. Keeping up on the repairs and maintenance of your vacation rental is the key to a long lasting profitable rental.

A reliable and thorough cleaning service is a must

Hiring a vacation rental cleaning service in Prescott is your first step to maintaining a successful rental property. Prescott Maid to Order has been serving local residents and property owners since 2005. For fast, efficient, and professional residential cleaning contact us today. Call 928-899-8518  or visit our website at today!

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