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We’re all getting into our back to school schedule, and that could mean for some of us that keeping the house in order can be more of a challenge. It’s important to keep the home tidy for maintaining mental and physical health. Prescott Maid to Order has a few more reasons for keeping the house in order.

Regular house keeping will:

Help kill germs: Germs can suppress the immune system causing sickness more often. Touching door knobs and counter tops, eating dinner and using the powder room can create germs. Germs live on all surfaces of the home. Cleaning frequently with a quality disinfectant eliminates up to 98 percent of germs.

Improve the quality of indoor air: Poor indoor air quality can trigger disorders such as allergies and asthma as well as other breathing problems. The air in the home can become degraded from accumulated dust bunnies, mildew and animal dander.

Enhance the aesthetics of the home: Organization forces you to focus on the qualities of the house. Instead of looking at piles of clutter and a sink full of dishes, your focus will go to your beautiful furniture and shiny appliances.

Improve mental clarity and deter stress: Keeping your home clean is one of the easiest ways to improve clarity and deter stress. Walking into a filthy house can instantly put you in a funk of a mood, and piles of clutter and disorganization can trigger brain fog and depression.

Saves time: A lot of time is wasted looking for things that have been misplaced somewhere in the home. Cleaning the house often and creating organization can curb some of that wasted time.

Easy Ways to Keep Your House Clean

Focus on one area: Deep clean one room at a time, while just keeping the rest of the home tidy. Maybe you would want to make Monday the day to vacuum while making Wednesdays the day to wash floors.

The heavier duties can be handled by hiring a professional. Annual carpet cleaning services will ensure deeply cleaned carpets. Try a maid service twice a month to help with the heavy cleaning.

Create Functional Organization:
 Try some stylish storage furniture pieces to deter clutter. Cubbies with coat hooks work great for the mud room. Invest in extra book shelves. Storage ottomans are a great way to hide blankets.

Pre-clean: Keep the home clean by not making a mess. Put your keys, phone and mail in a neat, designated area. Hang up your purse and coat as soon as you come through the door. Take care of your documents before they pile up. Pick up as you go while cooking.

Keep the good habits going and soon they will become second nature. When it’s hard to keep up with the football practice and musical concerts you can always count on Prescott Maid to Order. Call for a free consultation today at 928-899-8518 or visit for more information.

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