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We’re living the dream. It’s still summer and we have several weeks ahead when we can keep the windows open and enjoy our clean mountain air. The daylight lasts a little longer and that gives us a little extra time for play. We often bring the outdoors into our homes and sometimes that can be a little messy. Prescott Maid to order has a few hints on how to tidy up as we go and stay on schedule with the cleaning duties.

Floor Cleaning

You, the kids and the pets run back and forth from the garden or the pool. Implement a no shoes in the house policy. This will keep the extra foot traffic in the summer from dragging in granite, pine needles, leaves and the grime that shoes pick up in the parking lots. Buy a quality door mat and vacuum high traffic areas twice a week. Spot clean your kitchen and other hard surface floors frequently.

Food Spills

Extra people in the house during the day mean more meals, drinks and snacks in the house. This gives the potential for more drips from hamburgers, hot dogs, ice cream and popsicles. Allow the kids to enjoy afternoon snacks or enjoy lunch outdoors and make the picnic table popular once again. If the monsoon is keeping you indoors, it’s a good idea to keep clean microfiber cloths at hand for emergency spills. Clean the spills ASAP to avoid a gooey mess later on, or worse a trail of ants.

Kitchen Patrol

Summer heat can bring out an unpleasant aroma in your kitchen trash cans, so empty them at least once a day, if not more. Rotting apple cores and peach pits, rappers from fresh meat, especially poultry cause a foul smell. Wash your trash can on a weekly basis.  Quickly scrub your sink after doing the dishes. Soap residue and food particles will add bad odors quickly, so rinse thoroughly, too.  Save lemon rinds from homemade lemonade and run them through your garbage disposal so your kitchen smells bright and fresh. Orange and grapefruit peels also work great for this.

Laundry Duty

Save this chore for the evening when there’s less competition from the outdoor heat. Be sure to keep up on it. Those additional damp towels and swimsuits can become stale instantly. Stay well stocked on laundry cleaning products. This is an easy enough task for older children to handle. Make sure to add the responsibility of washing, drying and folding clothes to their list.

Bathroom Care

The monsoons bring extra heat and humidity. You may have to give your bathroom some extra attention. When it comes to summer cleaning, toilets and sinks should be tended to at least twice a week. Try running exhaust fans while showering and leaving the bathroom door open after to help the extra steam escape. Leave the bathroom door and a window open, if at all possible. This can help slow down the spread of mildew. Wipe down the shower doors and walls after use, cutting down on the amount of the humidity.

Summer is a time to relax, so if you think any of this is more than you can tackle, you can always rely on a cleaning service to help with the extra duties. Get in touch with Prescott Maid to Order today for a free consultation at 928-899-8518 or visit to find out the dozens of services they offer.

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