Springtime Dusting Tips for Prescott by Prescott Maid To Order

Here in the Prescott area, springtime can bring lots of wind and lots of new dust! Prescott Maid to Order is always looking for ways to help you keep a clean house in between our visits. Here are some dusting tips, to make your life easier and more dust-free.

Ceiling fans and light fixtures: You can buy a bendable, long-handle dusting arm for under $10 and it will keep you off those ladders, and it will keep your fans clean and ready to turn back on.

Corners, moldings and door frames: It is time for that spring cleaning, which means you will be dusting in areas that are not always hit during your routine cleaning. An easy way to get these areas, is by turning an athletic sock inside-out, lightly spray it and place on the end of a mop pole. This will make these tedious areas much easier on your knees and back.

Dusty bathroom vents:
 This is very easy. You just use your vacuum to clean these grimy vents. They will be good as new, and it takes no time at all.

 Just like corners, moldings and door frames, use a mop pole with a cloth or old sock attached to it, lightly sprayed.

Intricate Items: Do you ever find that a dusting cloth doesn’t always do a proper job when dusting delicate or intricate, ornamental items? Find a small paint brush and mist with your favorite dusting spray. This will help you get into those delicate, small spaces.

Dust top to bottom: Dust falls. Therefore, dust from top to bottom. If you dust in the opposite direction, you may find yourself repeating your work. Just remember high items get dusted first, then work your way down, perhaps, in a counter clockwise direction.

Throw away your cotton dust rags: Microfiber cloths should be your new go-to cloth for dusting. It makes all the difference in the world, as it is electrostatically charged–it attracts dust! Not only do these cloths attract dust, but they are also absorbent.

Duct cleaning:
 If you have not cleaned your ducts, this may very well be the culprit of your dusty house. The duct cleaning should be done every 5 years.

Vacuum areas you cannot see or delicate areas: Vacuum with a pantyhose covered dust brush. This way, the vacuum will not suck up any valuables, while still creating a dust free area.

Spring cleaning in Prescott can be very time consuming, as you are cleaning those areas that are missed in the routine cleaning. We hope these springtime dusting tips help; however, if you need help getting your home dust free, call Prescott Maid to Order at 928-899-8518 or visit us at

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