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Apart from being rewarding, being a new mom may be among the most challenging times in a woman’s life. If you’re a new mom and have to choose between keeping up with the house or spending more time with your new baby, consider hiring a professional cleaner. Prescott Maid to Order offers some compelling reasons for new moms to hire a cleaning service in Prescott.

According to research, the importance of maternal bonding in the first weeks and months of giving birth is so profound that it can impact the healthy development of the baby’s immune system, their ability to fight disease, and even improve IQ. These are qualities that are so important that they will affect the baby’s entire life. Being both a new mom and housekeeper, shopper, and cook cannot help but affect your energy and your mood. Being exhausted, moody, emotional, and stressed are hardly comforting to your baby.

New moms also need to take time to heal from delivery or face potential long-term medical issues. It’s recommended that new moms don’t pick up anything heavier than the baby, and also recommended that they avoid physically demanding work, which includes housecleaning.  From a strictly medical perspective, it is important to get some help with the cleaning for at least six months after giving birth.

After the first few months, you can determine whether you want to continue with a professional cleaning service or get back to managing all the duties again by yourself. In the meantime, not only will you be taking care of yourself physically and mentally, bonding with and strengthening your newborn, but you might also gain some good tips on how the professionals clean a house, making your return to housekeeping duties a little easier.

If you’re expecting or have a newborn at home and would like to spend more time with your new baby, we can help. Keep your Prescott home clean and inviting by calling Prescott Maid to Order today at 928-899-8518 or visit us at

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