Prescott Maid to Order, your professional home cleaner in Prescott, suggests things to do before going on vacation

You’ve got your tickets in hand. You’ve been looking forward to this vacation for so long! We know how hard it is to be organized before vacation – family suitcases to pack, keys to leave for the neighbor, mail to take care of…but the “let’s hit the road” mentality often results in a jaw-dropping return to a home you can hardly recognize. So before you hit the road, Prescott Maid to Order has created a checklist to help you enjoy your summer getaway and return to a home in Prescott that is fresh and welcoming.

Clean out the fridge:
 No one wants to come home to last week’s leftovers – think, “Will I want to eat this in a week?” If the answer is no – throw!
Coffee pot: Discard any used coffee filters or coffee grounds. After rinsing out the coffee pot and filter holder, let the machine breathe by opening the lid and flipping the coffee pot upside down on a towel.
Drains & Disposal: Just because you can’t see the food, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Turn on the faucet and run the disposal to be sure any remnants have passed through. Run lemon wedges through the disposal to create a pleasant aroma.
Counters & Floors: Run a paper towel sprayed with an all-purpose cleaner over the counters to wipe away any last minute spills.
Trash & Bins: Take all trash out of the house and put outside.
Sink & Dishwasher: Run the dishwasher and unload.


Toilet: If your toilet is looking less than shiny already, take a minute to spruce it up.
Leave the toilet seat up – when the air is turned off, moisture will build toilet rings faster and harbor mold faster than you can say, “Gross!”
Shower Curtain: Pull the shower curtain straight. Pushing it to the side encourages mold to build in crevices that won’t dry properly.

Make the bed: If you are really on a roll, put on clean bed sheets.

It’s easy to neglect nagging details when the sea or mountains or forest or a family reunion calls your name, but nobody wants to come home to a smelly, messy house. Organize the entrance table before you go to avoid coming home to clutter. If someone is watching your home, make sure they have a designated basket or bin for the mail. The little things go a long way.

And if you need to have your Prescott house cleaned before you get home, just call Prescott Maid to Order and schedule them to clean before you get back from vacation. For questions or to schedule an appointment, just call 928-899-8518. To learn more about our services, please visit our website at

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