Why You Should Hire A Professional House Cleaning Service For Your Prescott Home – Part 1

Housekeepers are something only snobby rich people have. Or are they? The truth is, a housekeeping service is more affordable than you might think and is no different than paying for someone to cook your meals at a restaurant or change your oil. Someone is happy to have the work and you don’t have to do it. It’s a win for everyone! Prescott Maid to Order explains why you should hire a professional house cleaning service to care for your Prescott home.

Here are some great reasons you should use a professional home cleaning service:

The cleaning supplies

You can clean your bathroom with an all-in-one cleaner, but if you want to do it right, you’re going to need more than that. Window solution, tile cleaner, toilet cleaner and a grout cleaner. Have you ever seen a housekeeper’s cleaning tray? It’s full of cleaners and cleaning tools for a reason. Professionals know how to get things really clean.

Have you looked at your baseboards recently? Baseboards are where all the hair, dust, scuff marks and whatever the vacuum decided to push out of the way lives. They aren’t hard to clean, but they require a wet cloth and crawling on your hands and knees. Why would you want to do that yourself?

Everything in your home has a surface that is collecting dust constantly. A feather duster is easy and kind of fun to use, but unless you are lifting everything up and moving everything out of the way then you aren’t getting anything clean. And let’s not even mention what’s collecting under the fridge and behind your dryer. Hire a professional and never wrestle a dust bunny again.

Knobs, handles and switches 
Do you even realize these items need to be cleaned? Everyone opens the doors and everyone turns on the lights. Someone should clean up after them, and that someone doesn’t need to be you.

The bathroom

Honestly, this should be a no brainer. But just in case you aren’t aware, your bathroom needs to be cleaned at least weekly. And bathrooms don’t lend themselves to easy access. Ever try to reach that spot behind the toilet? The dirt does. And so do the professionals. They can handle soap scum, mildew, and that weird coloring on the tile in the corner.

Just imagine how much time you’ll save and how good it feels to live in a clean space.  A professional home cleaning service will improve your life in so many ways. Prescott Maid to Order is the choice for professional cleaning of your Prescott home. Call us today at 928-899-8518 and find out how much easier your life can be. For more information, visit

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