Prescott Maid to Order Suggests Giving Mom the Gift of a Clean House

It’s less than a month away – the day we all stop and show our appreciation to Mom. Mom is a superstar – so what can you get her this year that’s really special? That diamond bracelet she always stops and looks at when she walks by the jewelers is out of the question. How often have you heard mom say, “I’d love to but I have to clean the house.”  Wow, what a great idea, Prescott Maid to Order says, why not give mom the gift of a clean house?

As good as the idea sounds, most families don’t have the time, or the inclination, to clean house, even if it’s Mother’s Day. The good news is that Prescott Maid to Order can clean your house completely, quickly and for not much more than the cost of a dozen red roses. When you hire us to clean the house, here are just a few of the things that mom will really appreciate:

Attention to detail – We don’t just run a duster over the shelf, we move the knick knacks and dust the entire shelf, then dust the knick knacks and put them back on the shelf. We clean the bathrooms, including the floors, fixtures and mirrors. In the kitchen we clean all the counters, plus the stove and microwave.

Flexible scheduling – We will work with you to schedule the cleaning when it is convenient for you. And you will be surprised at how quickly our team will have your home clean from one end to the other.

Personalized cleaning – We work with you to find out what you want cleaned. We can do basic house cleaning, windows, carpets or other cleaning task based on your preferences. One of our employees will come to your home and walk through each area with you to determine the services you desire, from cleaning everything including the kitchen sink, to just basic dusting and vacuuming on a regular basis, or maybe only when you call. We can do a one time cleaning, monthly, bi-monthly or whatever works for you.

Experience – Our staff is trained to use the proper cleaning products on each area in your home. We know where dirt hides and remove it. We also know how to work as a team to make the cleaning very efficient.

Honest –
 We are licensed and insured. All of our cleaners are bonded. We will make an appointment for the cleaning and we will show up on time.

Don’t know what Mom would want cleaned? Prescott Maid to Order also has gift certificates available. That way Mom can choose what she wants cleaned and when. And Mom will definitely appreciate your Mother’s Day gift of having the entire house clean all at once, without having to do it herself. To schedule an appointment, to get a quote or to purchase a gift certificate, just give us a call at 928-899-8518. Learn more about the cleaning services we offer at

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