Prescott Maid to Order shares what to clean before the new tenants move into your Prescott rental home

It is a no-brainer that tenants care about the condition of the property they are going to be renting. Prescott Maid to Order provides some tips on the most important areas to clean before the new tenants move into your Prescott rental home.

All tenants want to rent a property that is clean. Landlords often find it very challenging to have proper cleaning done after a tenant moves out. There is a need for quick turnaround to get the property ready to put on the rental market.

Many tenants do clean before they leave a property in order to get a full refund of their security deposit. Those kinds of tenants are valuable to a landlord since their willingness to clean the rental will shorten the turnover time process. Yet, there will still be some cleaning that the landlord will be responsible for.

There are two options whereby landlords can take care of this:

  • Doing the cleaning themselves. If owners clean the property themselves, that gives them the assurances needed that the property will be cleaned to their standard.
  • Hiring a company. If a landlord hires a professional cleaning company, these items should always be included in the cleaning agenda: bathrooms (including toilets and tubs), living rooms, walls, windows (interior and exterior), furniture, rugs and curtains.

Prescott Maid to Order offers expert cleaning of rental homes and private residences in Prescott! We clean to your specifications, as much or as little as you decide. We provide outstanding customer service, and that is what Prescott residents have come to expect from us. If you have questions about our many services in Prescott, contact us at 928-899-8518 or visit

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