Prescott Maid to Order shares a secret to keep your Prescott home feeling like a refuge

What could be more calming than stepping into a spotless, tidy home? Prescott Maid to Order offers our best-kept secret to keep your Prescott home feeling like a refuge.

Our major secret for keeping your home a pleasant, calming environment is the cleaning checklist. Yes, it’s that simple! Breaking down housework into manageable tasks sorted by:

  • Year
  • Season
  • Month
  • Week
  • Day

Merely taking a few minutes here and there can make a huge difference as to how great your home looks and feels to live in. Your checklist will help you keep your house tidy and peaceful. It will help you minimize clutter so that it won’t become a larger problem down the road.

Research has confirmed that the easiest habits to keep are the ones that are automatic. Keeping up to date with your checklist will become an easy routine. You won’t waste time wondering where to begin. You will never again be caught off guard by a seasonal or annual task that you have neglected. Here is a bonus: Having a checklist makes delegation among family members much, much easier. Use your checklist and keep your home in company-ready shape all year round.

Prescott Maid to Order hopes our suggestion to use a checklist to keep your Prescott home feeling like a refuge is helpful to you. We can help – in fact, we LOVE to help! Consider having us provide personalized care and attention to your home. If you would like some help getting your Prescott home in order, call us today at 928-899-8518 or visit us online at