Prescott Maid to Order Says Don’t Worry About Post-Holiday Disaster

During the holiday season everyone is busy with shopping, parties and family get-togethers. One thing that often gets left undone during this season is the house cleaning. It seems there’s never enough time to do the house cleaning in Prescott and by the end of the season the home looks like a disaster and you’re exhausted! Prescott Maid to Order has some reasons they may be the solution you’re looking for.

Time – There’s never enough of it. If you wanted to get your whole house clean again, it would probably take most of a day, especially if you want to include washing the floor, getting everything dusted and cleaning all of the bathroom fixtures. A team from Prescott Maid to Order can get it done for you in less than 2 hours.

Money – Like they always say time is money. You might be surprised at how reasonable it is to hire professionals to clean your home. They bring their own cleaning supplies (that saves you money as well) and they make short work of the task at hand leaving you extra time for all those things you need to get done.

Holiday Extras – You may find that during the holidays you have acquired cleaning tasks that aren’t standard – for example, that wine stain on the rug, or the ashes from Uncle Fred’s cigar, or the fingerprints of grandkids on the kitchen cabinets. While we love the holidays and all the family and fun they bring, sometimes the leftovers are daunting!

Sparkle for the New Year – Many people clean their house before the holidays in anticipation of guests, parties and such. After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, most homeowners look around and feel overwhelmed by the housecleaning that didn’t get done. Why not start the new year right and let Prescott Maid to Order help your house get back that pre-season sparkle and shine.

Don’t let the post-holiday messes get you down. Prescott Maid to Order is only a phone call away at 928-899-8518. Why not call today to get quote and set up an appointment for a post-holiday cleaning in Prescott to help you enjoy your holidays more! You can see the wide range of services we offer by visiting our website at

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