Prescott Maid to Order, professional home cleaners in Prescott, offers gift certificates for Valentine’s Day or any occasion

Valentine’s day is coming. More candy, more flowers, more chocolates, more greeting cards, and more bears (stuffed of course) will be lining the shelves of every store from coast to coast. And who among us doesn’t want a token of affection from our beloved? Of course everyone does, but have you considered the joy of receiving a gift certificate from Prescott Maid to Order to clean your Prescott home? Prescott Maid to Order wants everyone to know, “We LOVE to help! We are providing personalized care and attention to every home.”

We don’t mind doing the dishes or vacuuming or dusting. But it never stops because keeping a home clean is a constant, never-ending, although very rewarding chore. And getting the whole house clean on the same day? Well, how often does that happen? Having a cleaning service come in for a day or regularly means you get to relax and the whole house gets cleaned from top to bottom. What if that was a gift you received? Or what if you knew the value of the time and energy saved and gave that gift to another?

Think of all the times of the year or situations in which you could get or give a cleaning gift certificate from Prescott Maid to Order:

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Christmas

In addition to holidays, would you like to help a mom as she gets home with the new baby, or someone recovering from illness or surgery, or even to say thank you to a friend or present a hostess gift?

Everyone appreciates a clean home and Prescott Maid to Order reminds you that we LOVE to help! Our focus is providing personalized care and attention to every home. Show of hands now. Who would absolutely love to get a gift certificate for Valentine’s day or any other occasion and have Prescott Maid to Order clean your Prescott home? (Raises hand.) For more information call us today at 928-899-8518 or visit us at to purchase your gift certificate today.

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