Prescott Maid to Order offers tips for keeping your Prescott home clean this summer

We welcome summer with open arms, however, even with the blue skies and endless outdoor activities, we’re reminded there are some unique cleaning challenges that summer brings: melted ice cream, spilled sodas, and the stuff from outdoors being tracked indoors. Prescott Maid to Order offers you these tips for keeping your Prescott home clean in the summer:

Let’s start in the kitchen. Trash can become a smelly problem with food waste sitting in a warm garbage can. Consider giving the garbage can a good scrubbing. Let it dry completely and air out before installing a new garbage bag.

What’s in the pantry? Now’s a great time to go through the pantry and organize what you have. Check for expiration dates and rotate the most requested items to the front of the shelves. Check for crumbs…articles that may have spilled out can become a food source for unwanted pests.

On to the bathroom. Dampness after a shower or bath creates an environment for mold to grow, so remind your family to leave a window open or turn on a bathroom fan. Let damp towels and swimsuits dry completely before putting them in a laundry hamper.

Which leads us to the laundry room. First, clear the clutter. Washers and dryers tend to catch all the things that aren’t put away immediately. Remove items that will get in the way of your laundry sorting and folding routines. Leave yourself space for all those items you may need to pre-treat before washing.

Out to the patio. 
The deck furniture has become dirty and dusty over the winter months, and maybe you have bird feeders that add to the need for cleaning. You’ll be glad you took the time to sweep your deck and brush off any patio furniture when unexpected guests drop by.

We want you to enjoy your summer activities, and it’s much more enjoyable to return to a clean home. Give yourself a vacation from house cleaning by having a professional cleaning service do the cleaning for you. See for yourself why Prescott Maid to Order is the Quad Cities #1 cleaning service since 2005. Call for a free estimate for your Prescott home cleaning at 928-899-8518 and let us customize a home cleaning that fits your needs and your budget. Learn more about us at

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