Prescott Maid to Order offers decluttering suggestions for your Prescott home

2019 has arrived – why not give your home a new look for the new year? We LOVE to help! Prescott Maid to Order, providing personalized care and attention to every home, offers decluttering suggestions for your Prescott home.

We have just entered the new year, and you probably have some personal goals and a lot of motivation to fulfill them. When you’re ready to declare “out with the old, in with the new,”  consider some household things you should really put on your “out” list:

Old phones and chargers. You’ve upgraded to a smartphone, so it’s well past time to part with the old flip phone and those obsolete chargers. These can be recycled along with your old laptop and Blackberry. Make sure you back up any data and delete any personal information before you donate.

Unwanted books. Perhaps books that you received as gifts, never read, and never intend to, but they’re still taking up space. Your local library or second hand store will be happy to take these off your hands. You may even be able to sell them to a used book store.

Outdated kitchen spices and condiments.
 You may have kept some old seasoning packets that you intended to use, but now don’t seem so appetizing. Check expiration dates on the items hiding in the back of the cupboard, and give them a toss.

Worn-out linens and fabrics. Towels that are starting to look worn can be donated to a local animal shelter. Extra tablecloths, cloth napkins, and bed linens can be donated to your local charity organization. Also, why not reduce the number of canvas bags, shoelaces, and other random items that are just collecting dust?

We hope these decluttering ideas will give your Prescott home a fresh start for the new year. Here at Prescott Maid to Order, we LOVE to help! We provide personalized care and attention to every home. If you would like a free estimate for any home cleaning, call us today at 928-899-8518 or visit us at

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