Prescott Maid to Order offers cleaning tips to prepare you for your Prescott holiday party

Getting ready to host a beautiful holiday party in your Prescott home this year? Nothing motivates homeowners to do a thorough, whole-house cleaning quite like planning a holiday shindig. Trying to do everything at the last minute is a sure-fire recipe for stressing out. Use these simple and easy-to-follow lists to get your home ready on time for your holiday affair.  Prescott Maid to Order wants you to leave the stress behind and plan to have fun with these worry-free cleaning tips.

  • About a week ahead of time, create a list of the larger items you need to tackle
  • Start a list of chores you can do each day
  • Make a short list of things to accomplish the day before the party

Tackling the big cleanup

  • Simplify and declutter: Toss out junk mail and magazines, put items in their proper place, and consider donating items that tend to just take up space.
  • Wipe down dusty surfaces: Start with doors and frames, and move to the window sills. Take care of dust and fingerprints around doors.
  • Deep clean the bathrooms: Wash door or curtain to shower. Clean bath/shower, toilet (calcium buildup), sinks and mirrors.
  • Dust relief: Move furniture, vacuum furniture and rugs, curtains or blinds if needed, and AC vents.
  • Kitchen care: Clean stove, microwave and stove hood. Clean refrigerator, countertops and floors.
  • Consider curb appeal: Clean up plants, doormat and walkways, make sure outdoor lights are all working.

Daily Chores – Pre-party week

  • Keep your bed made, straighten nightstand, and pick up all clothes.
  • Keep kitchen and dishes up, including counters and tables.
  • Brush toilet bowl, and spray toilet seat.
  • Declutter surfaces and tables in all rooms, keeping them free of clutter.

The day before – last minute tidy-up

  • Dust and wipe down all surfaces first
  • Pick up all trash and clutter
  • Clean kitchen and bathrooms
  • Mop and vacuum
  • Straighten up where needed

If preparing for your Prescott holiday party is more than you can handle alone, let Prescott Maid to Order relieve the pressure with a pre-party home cleaning. And we can help with an after-party cleaning as well! Call for a free estimate today at 928-899-8518. Learn more at

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