Prescott Maid To Order explains windy days in Prescott equals more dust in the home

One thing that never changes in Prescott are the windy days that bring in summertime. Dust settles everywhere in the home, too. Dust in the home is not only unsightly, but it brings other problems, as well. Prescott Maid To Order can be your solution to these windy, dusty Prescott days.

Dust and allergies

Have you ever noticed that your allergies are on the rise during this time of the year? Keeping your home free of dust may not eradicate those allergic symptoms, but it will certainly help. When you realize what dust is made of, it just makes sense why the body reacts negatively to it. Blowing dirt, bacteria, pollen, skin cells, pet dander, molds, hair, dust mites and decomposing insects are just a few ingredients setting on your furniture.

Where does it collect?

The room you sleep in tends to collect the most dust. With all the fabrics in the bedding and mattress and where we spend a great deal of time with our pets, it just becomes a mini dust bowl. Don’t be surprised when you start sneezing or having congestion when you decide to turn the lights out. Perhaps it is the dead skin cells and decomposed insects you are breathing.

Wifi and dust

Of course, as you have probably noticed, the more electronics in a home, the more dust. The wifi life we lead is a dusty life, too. These electronics attract the dust like nothing else. Also, let’s not forget the kitchen with its own set of appliances. So, the rooms you spend the most of your time in, are also the areas where you are breathing in the most dust.

Places to focus on when dusting

Areas that we suggest you focus on when you are ready to fight the dust head on are:

  • Window sills and mini blinds
  • Appliances and electronics (don’t forget the backs)
  • Top of flat surfaces
  • Lighting and ceiling fans. You don’t want to turn on your fan only to be sprayed with dust.
  • Vacuum your upholstery to get rid of millions of skin cells and dust mites.
  • Knick knacks. The less clutter, the less dust in the home.

It is time to declare war on dust to give your home a fresh clean feel and relieve yourself and family from breathing in the dust particles. Prescott Maid to Order can help you fight the dust that these Prescott windy days tend to stir up. See for yourself why Prescott Maid to Order is the Quad Cities #1 cleaning service since 2005. Call for a free estimate for your Prescott home cleaning at 928-899-8518 and let us customize a home cleaning that fits your needs and your budget. Learn more about us at

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