Prescott Maid to Order Does Residential Cleaning and a Variety of Household Services

Has house cleaning really become a chore? Is there something else you need to do, or would rather do? Prescott Maid to Order is your source for anything that needs to be done around your house. When we think of the word maid, we often think about house cleaning. Read this, and when you’re through, you will think of Prescott Maid to Order, as the only contact you need to complete all of your household tasks.

•    Residential Cleaning: Maid to Order takes the stress out of your daily, weekly, or monthly household chores. Leave the dusting, vacuuming, mopping, kitchen and bathroom cleaning to their professional staff.

•    Windows: Your windows will sparkle. Yes, Maid to Order does windows! This includes cleaning inside and out, the window sills, frames and tracks and screens. If your home has been newly constructed, they will remove the manufacturer’s stickers.

•    Pet Sitting and House Sitting: Prescott Maid to order not only will walk the dog, they provide feeding, medication, kitty box clean up, but best of all, they will provide companionship. Don’t worry about the home looking abandoned while you’re gone. This team will water plants, pick up mail, monitor lights and thermostats.

•    Carpet Cleaning: Prescott Maid to Order employs skilled professionals who will make your carpeting fresh and clean. Their services include stain removal and deodorizer. Grout cleaning is on their list of services, too!

•    Upkeep and Maintenance: Prescott Maid to Order will take care of your special projects at a reasonable price. They handle minor repairs, inside and outside maintenance, small renovations, and installations.

•    Trash Removal: Prescott Maid to Order is your solution for preparing your home for sale, clean up after renovation landscape projects, and garage clean out.

•    Vacation Rental Cleaning: Prescott Maid to Order will care for your investment property or vacation rental as if it is your primary home. Expect the same service you would around the house, but in addition to that, they will look for personal items left behind and will check for anything that is missing or broken.

Prescott Maid to Order would like to remind you that if you’re looking for the best home cleaning service possible, all you need to do is call 928-899-8518, or view all of the details on the services offered, visit their website:

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