Prescott Maid To Order discusses those hard to clean areas in your Prescott home

It is not too late to do some spring cleaning on those areas of the home that are out of sight and out of mind. Prescott Maid to Order brings some tips that will help you clean those areas that are hard to clean in your Prescott home.

High spaces
High areas, such as ceiling fans and high shelves and fixtures are best cleaned with a disposable duster with an extendable, bendable handle. We prefer the disposable dusters over the feather dusters, because the dust clings better. We do not recommend using a ladder unless there is someone else home with you for safety reasons. When cleaning the tops of kitchen cabinets and refrigerators, you may need to wipe the dust with a wet cloth instead, as grease can collect. Another tip on high places, we suggest you clean the high places first as some dust will fall.

We all love to have clean blinds and if not careful, they can get quite dusty. They are quite easy to clean. We suggest to close them and clean one side and then reverse the directionand  close to clean the other side.

Window and shower tracks
Cleaning shower and window tracks can be a chore if it has been a while, as it gets grimy. Prior to vacuuming, you may need to loosen the grime. Loosening the grime may require some scrubbing. Using vinegar or ammonia will work quite well. For outside window tracks, a pressure washer should do the trick.

Behind the toilet
It can be difficult to reach behind the toilet with a mop. If you do not regularly clean this area when the toilet is cleaned, you may need a stiff brush to loosen the dust, hair and debris, prior to cleaning with a cloth or sponge.

Vents and coils

Don’t forget your vents and refrigerator coils. These can all be easily cleaned with the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner. While cleaning your vents to the air conditioner, don’t forget to check and see if it is time to change the filter, as well.

Spring cleaning those hard to clean out of sight places is a lot of work, but the house always feels so good when it’s done. Give yourself a vacation from spring cleaning by having a professional cleaning service do the cleaning for you. See for yourself why Prescott Maid to Order is the Quad Cities #1 cleaning service since 2005. Call for a free estimate for those hard to clean places in your Prescott home at 928-899-8518 and let us customize a home cleaning that fits your needs and your budget. Learn more about us at

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