Prescott Maid to Order, discusses housekeeping help for aging adults in Prescott

As we age, we often become less organized than in the past and tend to let things go. The house of a loved one who has been a meticulous house cleaner may start to look dusty and disheveled. Prescott Maid to Order talks about the housekeeping help that’s needed for aging adults in Prescott.

Difficulty managing basic housekeeping tasks becomes common with aging and could be a sign your loved one is having issues such as arthritis pain or a fear of falling. During your next visit to your loved one’s home, consider offering help with the following housekeeping tasks that tend to be difficult for seniors:

  • Cleaning up after meals. Most of us don’t especially enjoy cleaning up after we eat. Seniors may have good reason for leaving dirty dishes in the sink. Heavy pots and pans may be difficult for your loved one to wash. It may even be difficult for your loved one to rinse and put the dishes in the dishwasher. You might consider hiring a professional caregiver to help your loved one clean up after meals each day.
  • Cleaning the floors. Mopping and vacuuming take up a quite a bit of energy. Yet seniors rely on clean floors to help prevent falls. Also, regular floor cleanings can reduce allergens and germs that contribute to illness. Many seniors fear falling and fail to keep the floor clean because of balance and mobility issues.
  • Doing the laundry. Fresh linens are important for seniors. They are especially critical for those with health conditions that cause them to sometimes soil their clothing and bedding. However, lifting heavy baskets of laundry and getting the linens and clothes in and out of the washer and dryer may be quite demanding for your loved one. Consider hiring someone who can manage these tasks while helping your loved one stay independent.
  • Cleaning the bathroom. Whether your loved one has a walk-in bathtub or a shower, cleaning the bathroom requires balance, stamina and strength. Reaching every nook and cranny is nearly impossible. Those with respiratory issues may be extra sensitive the heavy fumes found in household cleaners such as bleach.

If you have loved ones that are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with daily house cleaning, trust Prescott Maid to Order to expertly handle some of these tasks in your loved one’s Prescott home. We are bonded and insured, and you can relax knowing that all is in good hands. Call us for a free estimate on residential cleaning, house sitting, or pet sitting at 928-899-8518. Learn more at about our services at

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