Prescott Maid to Order discusses housecleaning tips to help avoid allergies in your Prescott home

Here in Prescott we work hard to maintain our homes. As hard as we try to keep things clean, we unknowingly track things into our homes – including the dreaded allergies from pollen. Prescott Maid to Order wants to share some tips with you on how professional cleaning can help reduce allergies in your Prescott home.

HEPA Filters
High-Efficiency Particulate Air – HEPA for short – filters are specifically made to trap allergens in the home that can make it past other vacuum cleaners that are only designed to suction. If your vacuum doesn’t have a HEPA filter, then you are likely breathing in allergens as you are vacuuming.

Here are a few tips about what else you can do to eliminate some of the allergens that get into your home:

  • Cutting clutter: getting rid of boxes can help with dust and hidden allergens in the home like dust mites and cockroaches
  • Wearing a mask while you are cleaning will help, but we also recommend leaving your house for a few hours once you are done. This will limit your exposure to allergens you might have lifted into the air while cleaning.
  • Keep your bathroom free of mold by scrubbing tile regularly
  • Wash sheets weekly in hot water with unscented cleaners and detergents
  • Don’t air dry your laundry outside where it can be exposed to pollen, which again enters your home unknowingly
  • Clean entryways by sweeping or vacuuming
  • Don’t shampoo carpets due to the risk of mold growth or dust mite populations
  • If you are allergic to dust mites, ask another family member to do it.

These are certainly not required but they will make your life easier when you are cleaning and help prevent allergy flare-ups.

  • Rugs and carpets can trap allergens, so having hardwood, tile, or vinyl flooring will reduce your exposure to these. Getting smaller rugs that you can wash will also help.
  • Encase mattresses and pillows with dust-proof covers to reduce problems with dust mites.
  • Consider replacing drapes or horizontal blinds with roller shades which will keep dust and allergens at bay.
  • Taking off shoes before you go in the house will also help keep allergens from being tracked in.
  • Keeping pets out of the bedroom is tough for some of us, but if you are allergic, don’t let them sleep on the bed. This is a nightmare for anyone with allergies.
  • Use air-conditioning instead of opening windows when it is hot. Air-conditioning filters the air preventing dust, pollens, and any other triggers from getting in.

When it comes to allergen control, it can be a challenge, especially in the springtime in Prescott. We hope these tips will help prevent the causes of allergies around your home. If you are ready to have your Prescott home professionally cleaned, call Prescott Maid to Order today at 928-899-8518 and let us help get your home clean and allergy free.  Learn more at

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