Prescott Maid to Order can customize a cleaning schedule for your Prescott home

There are no cookie-cutter cleaning solutions. Because every home is different and – more importantly – the people who live there all have different needs, there are many reasons you need a custom cleaning routine. Prescott Maid to Order takes all these things into account when they set up a schedule for cleaning your Prescott home.

Animals can be our best friends, but they certainly don’t help clean up after themselves. Depending on the pet, you may need different methods to keep your home clean. Prescott Maid to Order can help with fur removal, odor control and deep vacuuming.

The junipers are just the beginning. When allergy season starts, your home may be the only respite you have. Your home may need more focus on vacuuming and dusting, or you may need to use certain products.

Green Products
Or maybe you are most concerned about your home’s effect on the environment. We can work with you to make sure we are only using products that are certifiably clean in every way.

It doesn’t do any good to make your life easier with a cleaning service if they are always getting in your way and messing with your schedule. We can customize your cleaning schedule so that it works around yours and gets everything done as often as it needs it.

Prescott Maid to Order is committed to great customer service, and we will fit our services into your schedule. We want to help keep your Prescott home clean and inviting no matter what the complication. To schedule an appointment for a free estimate, call us today at 928-899-8518. Learn more at

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