Prescott Maid to Order asks why clean carpets before company arrives

The Holidays are here, company is coming and there are a dozen things left to do. Why should I take the time to have my carpets cleaned now? Prescott Maid To Order, residential cleaning service in Prescott, has a few reasons you should consider before putting off cleaning your carpets until another time.

Stay healthier – Your carpet is a filter for your whole house. All of the dust in the air settles into your carpet, along with germs, pet hair and other allergens. Although most of us vacuum, a deep carpet cleaning will help prevent spreading germs around your house during the holidays.

Less Allergies – Well, you can’t stop them completely, but by deep cleaning your carpets before the holidays, you will be eliminating allergens and maintaining a healthier environment for those with allergies. This is especially important if you have visitors coming who may have allergies that you may be unaware of like pet dander or dust.

Shorter Wait Time – Professional carpet cleaners are usually extremely busy in the spring when everyone is thinking about refreshing their homes. You can often get a quicker appointment before the holidays because people have chosen to put off carpet cleaning until Spring.

Impress Your Guest – The Holiday season often brings visitors. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to think twice about whether or not your house is clean and fresh before inviting friends over? Clean carpets are a big part of this, as carpets trap odors that you may not even b aware of but that your guest will notice right away.

Party Time – Have your carpets cleaned before the holidays and when you decide to have that last-minute party, you won’t have to worry how the carpets look. Just make your list, check it twice and have a great holiday season!!

If you’ve decided that it just might be nice to have clean carpets for the holidays, just call Prescott Maid to Order at 928-899-8518 to receive a free quote or to schedule an appointment. To check out all of the ways we can help with your household cleaning in Prescott, please visit our website at

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