New Year Resolutions For Decluttering From Prescott Maid to Order

Resolutions are easy to make, but for most of us, they are difficult to keep! Prescott Maid to Order would like to offer some resolutions for helping you more organized in 2018. Keep in mind that these resolutions build on one another, so if you do number 1, it will make number 2 and 3 easier. We’ve just come through the excitement and stress of the holidays – our homes, nerves and pocket books show it! So why not take this opportunity to get organized for the new year and rejuvenate yourself, your family and your home!

Downsize – Before putting away the new Christmas presents, why not take a few minutes and get rid of some of the items that haven’t been used in a while, or toys that children have outgrown. There are a number of organizations in the Prescott area that takes donation of used items to benefit some of the less fortunate i the area. And before putting away all those Christmas decorations, why not consider those that you have not used for a few years that are just gathering dust up on the shelf??

Divide, Conquer and Label – Great, now that you’ve downsized you actually have a little room to store stuff and put it where it belongs! Our suggestion – add a label maker to the process. Neatly typed labels help keep the storage area organized and eliminates the need for taking down numerous boxes to find what you want. And if you have multiple boxes for an item, like ornaments, number the boxes sequentially and underline the number on the last box! Next year when you take them down it will be easy to see when you have all of the boxes. (NOTE: you will want to store all of the same items in a single location!)

Get a Calendar – Sure, you’ve got your own calendar on your phone, but today’s family normally has multiple schedules and they are often had to keep track of. Why not find a place in your home where all can see to display the family calendar of events – when everything is shown in one place, you might find it’s time to re-evaluate some of the activities in order to make family life more manageable.

Keep the House Clean – This one is a bit harder for many people because of the busy lives they lead. Sometimes dedicated a specific day to an item, like Monday = Pick up Clutter, Tuesday = Laundry, etc. will help. You may laugh but 80% of cleaning the house is picking up the clutter – and unfortunately, it’s also something that only you can do.

If you follow these resolutions, you will find it makes your life easier. But if life just seems to get in the way and you ever get beyond the picking up clutter step of house cleaning, maybe this should be the year that you talk to Prescott Maid to Order about how they can help you maintain a cleaner home. We will customize our services to meet your needs and budget and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. To talk to one of our cleaning professionals about helping you with the housework, please give us a call at 928-899-8518. To see the range of services we offer, please visit our website at

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