It is Time for Spring Window Cleaning in Prescott… Prescott Maid to Order can help!

Spring brings many good things. Spring cleaning is a time to get rid of the old and step into the new. Guess what? Windows need spring cleaning, too. Why? Because spring brings many culprits to clean windows such as birds, insects, but mostly grime from the winter time.  Waste no time in contacting Prescott Maid to Order to help you get those windows in Prescott sparkling clean.

Those flying critters are out in full force.
Just like we want to get outdoors when winter passes, also comes the new fluttering activity of birds and insects. Even though we love the sound of birds chirping and the buzz of spring, it is bad news for clean windows.

These active insects and birds mean more excrement and other residue on your windows. Just like our excellent cleaning services, our window cleaning goes above and beyond to make sure those windows are sparkling clean.

Winter remains on your windows.

Yes, winter remains on your windows. Snow and rain residue is still there. Even though we had a mild winter here in Prescott, AZ, make no mistake, our windows took a beating. Who wants to look out grimy windows of seasons past when spring is here, anyway?

Watching Spring through clean lenses.
Who wants to watch spring bloom through dirt and grime? Prescott has such beautiful landscapes and views to watch at springtime. Don’t let that dirt and grime keep you from enjoying your beautiful landscape.

Prescott Maid to Order is booking up fast with our environmentally-friendly, affordable window cleaning service. No preparation is needed, as we can clean around inside and outside barriers to those windows. Please waste no time in calling us to schedule your window cleaning in the Prescott area today at 928-899-8518, or visit us online to learn more about our services at

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