Hiring a professional house cleaner for your Prescott home might be a great time saver – Prescott Maid to Order

Cleaning your home can take hours to complete, taking up precious time that you could be used for leisure activities. To make matters worse, your house still isn’t as clean as it can be! Prescott Maid to Order, Prescott’s premier house cleaning service, is here to show you how hiring a professional cleaner can significantly improve the cleanliness of your home.

Bathroom and Sink Cleaning – We are experts in removing hard to clean soap scum and hard water build up, as well as toilet cleaning and general disinfecting.

Dusting and Vacuuming – Cloths can remove dust well enough, but we have specialized dusters than can more thoroughly pick up and remove dust in a fraction of the time. And, our high-powered vacuums grab deep and pull out more grime than the average consumer vacuum.

Stainless Steel and Kitchen Cleaning – We can remove grime buildup and grease from stainless steel and make it shine like the day it was made. And, while we’re at it, cleaning the kitchen is a breeze with our experience and know how.

Removing Odors – The world is filled with lots of smells, and many of them aren’t too pleasant. We are experts in odor removal, and always know the quickest and most effective way to clean up any bad smells you might have in your house. From animal odors to garbage disposal smell, we can clean it all.

Streak Proof Windows – Our years of cleaning experience have taught us the best way to clean windows to make sure that there aren’t any streaks. Period. Especially when window cleaner and a little cloth doesn’t cut it. If you have lots of windows, or particularly large windows, we can help save you a lot of time and frustration.

Erase Stains – For places where a MagicEraser won’t cut it, we have it all. We can remove nearly any stain, whether it be on a wall, in your carpets, or on your couch. There isn’t any stain too tough for us.

Carpet Cleaning – We have all the latest and greatest carpet cleaning tools to make sure that your carpets are like new. Our deep cleaning machine can get out even the toughest of stains and restore your carpet to its factory “shine”.

Calling a maid service in Prescott is a great alternative to cleaning at any budget, and the time you save by not having to clean your home, can be used for far more enjoyable or productive things. If you would like to get your home cleaned or would like a consultation, give Prescott Maid to Order a call. We can be reached at 928-899-8518 or visit our website for more information.

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