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Preparing for a party can take weeks, maybe months. Don’t wait until it’s too late to realize that the house needs a good cleaning before the guests arrive. If you time it right, a thorough cleaning won’t be too early. It will start to get dirty before long anyway. Prescott Maid to Order would like to stress that if you’re going to schedule a professional call well in advance, you will be advised on the perfect time and how avoid any type of holiday rush.

You can plan to do the dirty work yourself; at least concentrate on the main party area. Pay special attention to floors, main bathrooms, carpets, furniture, blinds, windows and kitchen. The main thing is that you want to put your best foot forward for your guests. Cleaning before the party is just as important as cleaning after the party.

Your guest list is made up of friends, but things happen. Guests will mingle; items can get broken, or stolen, although that’s rare. Put away valuables and delicate or fragile items. Pick up excessive mail, magazines and newspapers.

If your house is not in perfect order, here is a list to lighten the load and you can work on it throughout the week leading up to the party. Remember to stay caught up on laundry throughout the week.

Monday: Take out all garbage and recyclables.
Tuesday: Tidy all rooms that are less likely to get used.
Wednesday: Clean the washrooms; scrub sinks, toilets, counter tops and floors. Stock the washrooms with extra Kleenex, TP, liquid hand soap and hand towels.
Thursday: Clean the windows (at least in the main party area), window sills, light switches and shelves.
Friday: Since these get used the most throughout the week, this is a good day to take care of the floors; Sweep, vacuum and mop.
Saturday: Food Prep and Clean Kitchen! Dishes done, surfaces scrubbed, floor swept and mopped. Stock with plenty of napkins in easy to reach areas, cups, plates and serving utensils.

Once all of your tasks have been accomplished, go through the whole house and catch anything that might have been missed. Make sure the beds are made.

For easy post clean-up, put out recycling and waste bins in discreet yet guest-friendly areas. Guests are usually happy to assist the host by ridding themselves of empty plates, cups and bottles.

When the party’s over, put away any perishables before the end of the night. Pick up and take out any trash. The day after, go through your pre-party cleaning checklist, start at the top and work your way down. If you’re too pooped after the party, or you’re in a time crunch before the party, Prescott Maid to Order is always here for you. Call to schedule an appointment at 928-899-8518 or visit our website at

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