Prescott Maid to Order talks about having the carpeted stairs in your Prescott home professionally cleaned

Do you have carpet in your Prescott home? If you have an active family and/or pets, you’re aware of the traffic patterns on your carpet that need cleaning more often. Areas near doorways tend to collect more dirt; dining areas are subject to food and spills. You vacuum regularly and even have your carpets professionally cleaned. Prescott Maid to Order wants to remind you when you have your carpets professionally cleaned, don’t forget the carpeting on the stairs!

Carpet on stairs is easy to neglect. After all, it’s hard to get the vacuum up and down the steps. And the carpeting on the stairs is a potential spill catcher if your family carries food or drinks up and down the stairs. We spend very little time on the stairs as compared with the rest of our homes, so dirt or stains there don’t get noticed as readily. But cleaning the carpet on the staircase actually is needed as often, if not more often, than the carpet in other rooms.

Here are some things you can do to get the most from your professional carpet cleaning:

  • Ask the carpet cleaning professional if you should vacuum your carpet before they arrive. Some companies will vacuum before they clean the carpets. Others expect the homeowner to do that.


  • Dust your baseboards before your carpet cleaning to prevent soiling the carpets right after they’re cleaned.


  • Speak with your carpet cleaning professional about moving furniture. Some companies charge an additional fee for moving the furniture; some may offer a discount for cleaning only the high-traffic areas.


  • Move floor lamps and other items, such as bedding, dust ruffles, and floor length curtains, anything that might get in the carpet cleaner’s way.


  • Point out any spots or stains that may need pre-treating.

Remember, the commercial equipment used by professional carpet cleaners has more powerful suction, and is able to extract more dirt for cleaner carpet, and extract more water for a shorter drying time. Prescott Maid to Order offers professional carpet cleaning services–and we can clean the carpeted stairs in your Prescott home. If your carpets are due for a cleaning, or to take advantage of our other cleaning services, call Prescott Maid to Order at 928-899-8518 for a free estimate. Learn more at

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